The Snowy Mountain Trapper 250, [SMT-250], is not named for trappers; Trapper was a dog.  He completed the Quest and the Iditarod.  He had no hair on his ears and completed cold Yukon Quest wearing dog booties on them.

The SMT-250 will begin at Meiers Lake Lodge, (milepost 170 on the Richardson Highway), at 10:00 a.m. on Friday,  February 13, 2015.  The first leg of the event will feature a sixty mile loop out of Meiers Lake to the north and return to Meiers Lake.  Approximately twenty miles of the trail will be common.  Leg #2 will continue from Meiers to Chistochina over the Slate Creek/Chistochina trail.  This will be a seventy-three mile, (73), run to the village of Chistochina.  Leg #3 will return over the same trail to Meiers Lake. (73 miles).  The 4th leg will again begin at Meiers Lake and run north-east along the pipeline and return to Meiers Lake. }. The trail distance will be approximately sixty miles. (60).   {checkpoints will be Meiers, Chistochina and again Meiers}.  All segments of the race will be timed----meaning the winner may not be the first team across the finish line.  Layovers will be two- five hour layovers , and one- six hour layover.  Total rest time of sixteen hours. (16) The location of each mandatory rest is at the musher discretion.  

One bale of straw per team will be provided at Chistochina and Meiers Lake.  Mushers desiring more straw at Meiers Lake are allowed to provide their own.  Handlers, or the musher will be required to clean parking area at both Chistochina and Meiers Lake.  (Meiers straw may be left until the last Meiers departure.)

Food drops; One 50# food drop per team will hauled to the Chistochina checkpoint by the SMT-250 race organization.  Food drops at Meiers Lake must be delivered to the SMT-250 race committee one hour prior to race start.  Mushers will be required to work from food drops at Meiers Lake.  Drivers will not be allowed to go to their trucks or retrieve any additional equipment or supplies after the race start!