"In wildness is the preservation of the world...life consists of wildness. The most alive is the wildest. In short, all good things are wild and free."
- Henry David Thoreau


About Zoya

Zoya, Marlin, & Kayak

Zoya, Marlin, & Kayak

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Zoya came to Alaska in 2002 with “big girl dreams” bound and determined to get her education about sled dogs and the Iditarod race.

Intrigued by sled dogs, the outdoor lifestyle and Iditarod, Zoya packed up and headed north on her mission; hoping to make her mark as a top contender in competitive racing. “Imagine walking into your office every morning and having 40 some friends there to meet and greet you with a big smile” that is what it’s like in our kennel.”

An International fashion runway model & record label representative; for 13 years, Zoya lived and traveled world-wide as a professional model; confident, compassionate and hardworking are just a few words to describe this young lady who strives to make a difference in the world around her.

Zoya’s future plans & goals? 

Photo by Ulf  Frohneburg

Photo by Ulf Frohneburg

"I’m racing to make a difference in the sport, improved dog care on the trail and in the yard, positive race training that works for every sled dog, young or old. I’d like to get more families and kids involved in our sled dog rescue efforts and interactive programs year-round. Celebrating women on the sled runners, healthy lifestyle and strong minds-- we are awesome, capable and looking forward to setting some new records!

“We are blessed with a terrific Kennel of happy and healthy dogs. There’s no shortage of time and attention for each canine athlete. We are spoiled with perfect view of the Alaska Range; Paxson Lake is a little slice of heaven.

Zoya, along with her kennel partner & best friend, John Schandelmeier, have been working hard with shelter dogs in rescue and rehabilitation. Crazy Dog Kennels outfits 45 sled dogs, 25 of these dogs are rescued and running! "We’re retraining these 'discarded' dogs and running them in the main team or placing them with the appropriate musher." “We’re excited to say we’re making a difference, one dog at a time.”