About John

I was born and raised on a homestead near Anchorage, Alaska. Moved to the Paxson area in 1970 and have been here since. Originally I was a full-time trapper here, now it is a sideline. I commercial fish in Bristol Bay and Prince William Sound.

I am the president of the local Fish and Game advisory committee and a member of the Second Chance League of Fairbanks. The Second Chance League is an organization devoted to evaluating and training unwanted sled dogs from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter.

My personal goal is to raise awareness, within the sport, of the ability of these cast-off dogs.

Some of John's Yukon Quest Awards

1996 Yukon Quest Champion - 12 days, 16 hours, 6 minutes

1997 Yukon Quest Sportsmanship Award - Presented to the musher exhibiting the best sportsmanship along the trail. The selection is made by fellow mushers.


1994 & 1996 Yukon Quest Veterinarians's Choice Award - Presented to the musher who demonstrates the most humane treatment and overall care for his or her dogs throughout the race, in the best spirit of the Quest. This aware is a legacy for aspiring mushers to emulate in the humane treatment and care of their team. Voted on by the race veterinarians.

1992 & 1996 Yukon Quest Golden Harness Award - Presented to the winner's lead dog.