We are located in the foothills of the magnificent Alaska Range near the edge of timberline. Crazy Dog Kennel is a competitive racing kennel, owned and operated by zoya denure and john schandelmeier, dedicated to the training and rehabilitation of unwanted sled dogs.

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Half of the dogs in our kennel come from area animal shelters or are dogs rejected from other kennels. Many of these dogs would be considered to be unadoptable prior to their arrival at our facility. Here at Crazy Dog Kennel we let “dogs be dogs”; they are socialized with the goal of letting them become an integral part of the dog community. There are no failures at our kennel; all of the dogs are successfully rehabilitated and go on to race with us or are sent on to adoptive homes where most are used for recreational mushing. Sled dogs also make great house pets and many of our dogs become valued members of their adoptive households. Socialization and behavior adjustments are achieved through innovative, positive training techniques; there are few magic solutions; time and perseverance are the answer to most issues.

Teams from Crazy Dog Kennel and Canine Rescue have competed in and won races such as the Yukon Quest, Copper Basin 300, U.P. 200 and many others. 

We have well-behaved dogs of all ages and abilities available for immediate adoption.
We also offer, dog sledding tours, rides and scheduled training clinics.

TOOT is 1 year old, intact female. Harness trained, has been in training for the last year and runs strong in team. She's very sweet, great with other dogs, good around kids too.
Toot has been running 16-20 mile runs this season.
$175 adoption fee

PUDDLE is litter mate to Toot. 1 years old. He's an intact male, runs in team and is very personable, good with other dogs, kids too. We would prefer to place Puddle and Toot together.
$175 adoption fee

BUMPER is a spayed female, 5 years old and runs best in team. Born and raised at Crazy Dog Kennel.
She's very social, enjoys running and enjoys people. Great work ethic. Would make an excellent addition to a recreational working team, a family interested in a sled dog/family farm dog. She can be turned loose and comes when called.
$200 adoption fee

RUFFIAN is 2 years old, intact male, best suited for short runs (5-10 miles) He needs more work and more time to become a mid distance runner. He is very personable and would make a great companion dog.
$100 adoption fee

Photos by our friend Ulf Frohneburg



Race results now posted!
The Gin Gin 200 is a competitive sled dog race & Iditarod qualifier.
Race start is Jan. 2nd, 2015 
6pm start, 40 teams limit, 10 dogs per team. 



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