Take a walk into the Taiga near timberline.  Read the text nature's creatures have left in the snow.  Snowshoe hares are experiencing their peak in Alaska's Interior. We can usually find one of these snow white bunnies near the kennel.  Sharptail grouse, coyotes, fox and lynx also call this area home.  Moose and caribou are common sights in our area.  We can usually find one for you to photograph. 

$45 pp.  2 person minimum

thankgoodness for snowshoes.jpg

Snowmobile Trips

Take a trip further off the beaten  path!  Our snowmobile tours are tailored to fit the abilities of our guests.  The average trip covers 20 miles and takes several hours.  No experience is necessary, but riders should be physically able.  Instruction and cold weather gear is provided. 

$255 pp. (includes machine rentals)

tourist snowmobile 1.jpg

Ice Fishing

Try your luck fishing through the ice.  Some luck, a little skill and a lot of patience are the requirements for a successful ice fishing trip.  Remember; the fish have to come to you!  Our area lakes have Rainbow and Lake Trout, Arctic Char and Landlocked Salmon.  Heated ice fishing tents are provided when the temperatures are frigid or the wind is a bit too much!

$125 pp

tourist fishing 22.jpg

Ice Caving

You won't get lost in Millers Cave!  Come and check out the underside of a glacier!  Most of Alaska's glaciers have some sort of ice cave.  The summer snow melt streams carve serpentine caverns under the ice.  Incredible crystals form near the entrances.  Venture further inside and marvel at the compressed clear ice.  One never knows what might be frozen into eternity under a glacier.  Once, we found a long-frozen varying hare estimated to be over 1000 years old.  This tour is dependent on the season.  Ice caves change every season and are commonly not available until December --- and usually well into April.  Transportation to the ice caves varies depending on cave location.  Our most common cave; Miller, is a 4 mile trip by dog team or snowmobile.

$125 pp. (includes snowmobile transport.  Travel by dogs; add $25 pp.)

tourist ice 33.jpg


We can also do jeep tours to investigate the deep into the Alaska Range. Presently, December and likely early January have good conditions for travel. Moose, Caribou and Bison are readily available for photography and viewing. Conditions can change quickly; call for availablity.

Summer Trips

Our Summer trips are available from August 1st through mid-September.  A few of our activities are still available into the month of October.  Wildlife viewing, especially moose, are quite visible during the October rut.

moose tour photos.jpg

Grayling and Lake Trout fishing

Travel by river boat on the Maclaren River during the month of August.  Grayling are abundant in the clear streams flowing into the Maclaren until the 3rd week in August.  Lake trout fishing will remain good until freeze-up, but if you opt for a late trip, be prepared for cold temperatures.

Grayling trips start at $125 pp.

Other fishing trips dependent on location.  Most Lake Trout trips begin at $225 pp

Basic Birding

Take a ride on our Tour van to alpine terrain.  Seasonal viewing of Arctic Warblers, Gyr falcons, Northern Shrikes and Ptarmigan to name a few.  The Denali Highway  is the summer home to over 100 species.  We can accommodate 2-8 people per trip.  Late May and early June expeditions leave Delta Junction.  Transportation can be arranged from Fairbanks also

May/early June trip;  195 PP.

August trips leave from Maclaren River or Delta Junction. 

                                                                                               Maclaren trips;  95 pp.

morning visitor.jpg

Denali Highway History and Viewing

Meander along the Denali Highway at a leisurely pace.  Stop for lunch at a scenic overview.  Should it be raining -- have lunch at one of the Lodges spaced along the Denali Highway.  Your guide is JohnSchandelmeier.  John has 50 years on the Denali Highway as a resident or the Paxson/Maclaren area..  He knows the history and the landmarks as no other.  Travelers will learn local history, geologic landmarks, flora and fauna.  Plus stories from years spent traveling this area by foot, snowmobile, dog team and by airplane.