Our sport and livelihood

This is a post for you anti Iditarod folks, the sled dog coalition and their fans ....you people spread lies about mushing, mushers and racing.

First off, we don't have a dog farm, we have a kennel where each and every dog has a name, personality, a daily program and the best care, love and attention a dog could ever ask for. Our life revolves around the kennel, we have designed it that way and treat our duties with profession and respect.


Anyone who has worked here, visited or knows us can speak volumes..
I'm proud of the work we do and it works! We ARE the real dog whisperer. 
We are able to take any dog and within an hour I can tell you what's happened in his past and what he'll need to gain trust and where he'll shine.. we go above & beyond to then find these dogs the right adoptive home. 
We know and understand dogs.

I cannot speak for all kennels but since I've been targeted twice in the last week, I feel it very important to raise my voice.

Second, please don't point fingers at mushers looking for support. This is a very visible sport that is over the top costly for mushers to take part in...unlike other sports where you get large endorsements and paid, this is a sport where we pay to participate.

We pay out of pocket thousands of dollars to feed, care and run races. We don't expect others to pay for it but sponsors are important parts of our team, indeed. 
Races don't pay, even if you win the Iditarod, that is not enough to cover expenses. We don't do it for the money, we run and race because we live to train and develop these sled dogs that we're designed for running. We believe in them and we are good at it.

They are not abused, neglected or harmed ever in any way shape or form. THEY ARE ATHLETES and because of the racing sport , these huskies have evolved as a breed and are far more capable than ever.


They are amazing animals! We love raising them, we enjoy helping with rescue when situations arise and we are called to help...sled dogs love attention like the common house dog, the only real difference is ...they love to run--it is in their blood to go...look at other breeds and their natural instincts..we honor each dog as an individual. As responsible mushers, it up to us to take good care of them as individuals, as a team and manage the kennel in a way so all needs are met and everyone thrives.

I am a proud owner of our well run and respected kennel that is family owned and operated. I am a proud musher who works around the clock with dogs and family making sure all needs are met...with aspirations of achieving more in the Iditarod race. The Iditarod is a huge event to most watching it... it has turned into that! I love the Iditarod trail, it is beautiful and it's one amazing journey though time and villages with my very best friends ((these dogs truly are my very best of friends)) and they Love it. And I love it. Not everyone can do it. We are all called to do different things.

It's a race for our athletes who have been well trained and cared for...
It's an opportunity for others to learn about my dogs and team. It is my lifestyle. I would never do anything to harm a dog. I'm so thankful we have the Iditarod race to work towards, it's important to have goals and aspirations with whatever it is in life you decide to do. But whatever you do, do it for the right reasons and do it with care and integrity.

I'd like to challenge you folks who think that these dogs have it bad, come spend time here, visit and take time ... a free tour and ride just for you. I challenge you to visit before posting things that are untrue.

Please share this please...❤🐾🐾
Let's spread the truth not lies about our beloved sport and livelihood.

Happy Trails!