Updated 1/20/16
Vet Check begins at 3PM Friday, January 22nd
Mushers meeting 4PM @ Meiers Lake Roadhouse on Friday, January 22nd
Race starts 6PM @ Old Paxson Lodge (Mile 185.5 Richardson Highway) on Friday, January 22nd
Deadline to sign up is December 30th, 2015



The 2015 Gin Gin 200 will begin at Meiers Lake Roadhouse, (Milepost 171 Richardson Highway), at 6:00 pm on Friday January 22nd.  The late start time is intended to allow mushers to use Friday as a travel day and also to ease the impact on the Alpine Creek Lodge checkpoint.  Teams will be utilizing the checkpoint mostly during daylight hours.  This also allows teams to rest during the day when temperatures may be a bit warmer.

The mushers meeting will held at 4:00 pm on Friday.  Bag check will begin immediately after the meeting.  Vet checks will begin prior to the meeting and continue as long as necessary.  Teams will start on Meiers Lake at 2 minute intervals.  This will be a dual start event, with the intent of minimizing the layover time differential.  

The 2015 Gin Gin trail will cover 200 miles of varied terrain; mostly above timberline.  Come prepared for extreme cold and potentially windy conditions.  The first 4 miles of trail will follow the Meiers Valley and travel down the creek to Paxson Lake.  Teams will be on Paxson Lake for approximately 9 miles.  The next 5 mile section is up the Gulkana to the Denali Highway.  Teams will be on the Denali for 68 miles to Alpine Creek Lodge.  There will be a dogdrop at Milepost 42, (Crazy Dog Kennel), on the Denali—60 miles from the start.  Dogs may also be dropped here on the return.  All dropped dogs will be returned to Meiers Lake as soon as practical.

Alpine Lodge is 86 miles out.  From there the trail travels a 35 mile loop and returns to Alpine.  Mushers may take their 10 hours of mandatory layover, plus time differential, at Alpine Creek, either inbound or outbound, in 30 minute increments.

Alpine Creek to the finish at Meiers Lake will cover the same trail as the outbound.  86 miles. Total trail miles is 207.

There will be a half bale of straw provided for teams at Alpine.  The Gin Gin has no food drop, however, teams may leave supplies at Alpine to be used on the return leg.  Alpine is not a dog drop.  Alpine will have water available.  Usually hot water is provided at this checkpoint, however, that may depend on the number of teams arriving close together.  Alpine is a full service Lodge and will have food and sleeping facilities for mushers.  


Sign up:
The Gin Gin 200 will be open to all participants 18 years and older. Entries will be accepted until midnight December 30, 2015. Drivers must submit entry fee and completed entry form to be an official entry. The Race entry fee shall be $300. Participants must also be a member of the Gin Gin Race Organization. Membership dues are $15. Entry will be $315 total. Entries will be capped at forty teams. Late entries will be accepted until Race day. Late entry fee shall be $375 including Gin Gin membership.

Drivers Meeting:
The drivers meeting will be held at Meiers Lake Lodge at 4:00 PM on Friday, January 22, 2016. Attendance is mandatory.

Race Cancellation:
The race may be canceled or postponed if the temperature is -40 or colder on Meiers Lake on the day of the race.

Vet Check:
Vet Check begins at 3:00 PM January 22nd. Dogs will be checked for health and fitness. Dogs considered unfit will not be permitted to start the race. The decision of the Race Marshal in conjunction with the race veterinarian concerning fitness shall be final.

Mandatory Gear:
Snowshoes—250 sq. in. minimum
Cold weather sleeping bag
Axe---22” minimum length
Cooker with 3 gal. Capacity
Booties---8 per dog leaving checkpoints
Two snowhooks
Two working headlamps
Dog food----minimum of 5 lbs. Per dog at the start
Mandatory gear will be checked at the start, finish, and all checkpoints.

This will be a timed start event. There will be dual starts on Meiers Lake at two minute intervals beginning 6:00 PM. On Friday, January 22, 2016.

Trail Etiquette:
The trail must be kept clear at all times. Teams resting or snacking must leave adequate room for passing teams. Overtaking teams have the immediate right-of-way, except on Meiers Lake on the finishing leg. Overtaken teams shall assist in passing if requested.

There will be a one hour time penalty for littering.

All dogs must have current rabies vaccinations. There will be a twelve (12) dog maximum. Teams must finish with a minimum of seven dogs either in the sled or on the towline. Dogs may not run loose or be led behind the sled. Dogs carried in the sled must be secured and covered.

All dogs running on the towline must be attached with a necklines at all times. No whips or jinglers. Inhumane or abusive treatment of dogs will result in disqualification. The same dogs must be used throughout the race.

A dog death for any reason other than as vehicular accident or moose incident will precipitate withdrawal from the Gin Gin 200.

Expired dogs must be immediately submitted to the Gin Gin Organization at the nearest checkpoint. A necropsy will be performed at the drivers expense.

No product that masks signs of injury will be permitted. No injectables. The drug policies of the Yukon Quest will be followed.

One sled equipped with an adequate brush bow and braking device is to be used throughout the race. Repairs are to be done by the driver. Help from other participants is allowed. Sled, gear, and all equipment must be in good working order at the beginning of the race.

No planned outside assistance. Drivers may receive help in recovering a lost team. Any means of recovering a lost team is permissible. Time penalties may accrue if it is determined by the Race Marshal that an advantage was achieved.

Food Drop:
There will be no food drop for the Gin Gin 200. Drivers are expected to be self-sufficient. Carry adequate food and fuel.

Drivers may leave food and supplies, (other than mandatory gear), at the first Alpine Creek Lodge stop to be used at subsequent layovers or stops.

Dog Drops:
There shall be one dog drop on the Gin Gin 200 at the Crazy Dog Kennel facility at Maclaren River, milepost 42 Denali Highway. Dogs can be dropped either outbound or inbound. Dropped dogs will be transported to Meiers Lake by the race organization.

The Gin Gin 200 covers approximately 200 miles in the Alaska Range. Most of the trail is above
timberline. Be prepared for wind and extreme cold temperatures.
The first leg shall be; Meiers to Alpine Creek Lodge----86 miles
Second leg; Alpine Creek Loop and return to Alpine Creek----30 miles
Final leg; Alpine Creek Lodge to Meiers Lake----86 miles

There will be ten hours of mandatory layover time for each team to be taken in 30-minute increments at either or both Alpine Creek stops.

Time Equalization:
Time equalization will take place at the first Alpine Creek stop.

Drivers are considered checked in when mandatory gear is verified. Drivers must sign in and out of all checkpoints. Gear left at the first Alpine Creek stop may be used at the second stop. Official checkpoint is Alpine Creek Lodge.

Meiers Lake Lodge; 1st team across—dogs and driver.

Penalties may be both time and monetary. Any penalty will be assigned at the finish line.

Race Officials, Scratches, Protests:
The Race Marshal is in charge of all aspects of the race from the time of entry until the awards presentation. Decisions of the Race Marshal and judges will be considered final. The Race Veterinarian has the final say on dog issues. Drivers may protest decisions made by race officials and/or report rules violations in writing to the race marshal at any time up to awards presentation. Drivers will have the opportunity to personally discuss claims or violations with the race marshal. Drivers wishing to scratch must notify a race official at the nearest checkpoint. Sportsmanship is paramount. Drivers and handlers are expected to be courteous at all times. Conduct yourself accordingly.

These rules are intended to guide drivers, race officials and the Race Marshall throughout the running of the Gin Gin 200. The Race Marshal have the right to make non-rule, on the spot decisions regarding all aspects of the race that are deemed in the best interests of the race and its participants.